The Hungarian noble family Szapáry owned Murska Sobota Castle for almost 250 years. From the late 17th century onwards, when Peter Szapáry bought the town of Murska Sobota, including 40 surrounding settlements and the castle; his descendants resided here and they held the title of Counts of Murska Sobota, Szápár and Széchisziget.

Peter Szapáry (1630- 1699/1703) is held to be the first of the noble family of the Szapárys. He purchased the Murska Sobota and Széchisziget estates and was ennobled as a baron by King Leopold I in 1690.

In 1722 his sons Peter Jr. and Nicholas were awarded the title of count by King Charles III, a title that passes to the male descendants. These descendants occupied high government, political, and academic positions.

In the 19th century the castle was home to Count Antal Szapáry (1802–1883) and his son Geza (1828–1898).

The older son of Count Geza, Ladislaus Szapáry (1864–1939), was the last owner of Murska Sobota Castle. He married Countess Irene Ungnad von Weissenwolf in 1910, but they did not have children. Hi died in Vienna in 1939.

Paul Szapáry (1873–1917), Ladislaus' younger brother, married Countess Maria Ludovica Stanislawa Przezdzdiecka in 1898 and died in 1917.